Panaurama ‘Desire Lines’

“Spontaneous musical and visual pathways from A to B over unprepared ground”

Desire lines:

a landscape architects term to describe those slightly scruffy, well-worn dirt pathways you often see cutting across a patch of land, commonly near to purpose-built concrete footpaths or sidewalks.

  • the trodden product of informal, alternative paths that people use to get from one location to another in preference to the prescribed ‘official’ footpath.
  • often appear spontaneously as a trampled down path after a flurry of winter snow or a short cut across a park, field or sand dune.
  • can be direct, high traffic routes to a popular landmark or fashionable meeting place.
  • paths that reflect a real need and not a predicted vision.

Inspired by the idea of desire lines, Panaurama’s musical and visual outing brings together these wilful ideas to produce both audio and visual material in a confluent creative process – audio influencing the visual and vice versa – cutting back and forth between the two creative points.

It’s nothing new, but it’s a fresh tread on ground already covered by many others: British landscape artist Richard Long’s “A Line Made By Walking”, the pioneering ambient music of Brian Eno, Wim Wender’s ‘Until the end of the world’ even Johnny Cash’s ‘I Walk The Line’.

It’s Panaurama’s intention to develop a space where these audio-visual ideas come together in immersive environments. These environments or ‘desire-scapes’ are a confluence of ideas from the worlds of sound design, ambient music, biomusic, spacemusic, abstract film, visual music and Sunday morning walks before a good pub lunch among many others.

Panaurama is a collaboration between producers Tim Oliver and Gordon Druce that has been many years in the making. Gordon sadly passed away last year and the album is being released following the old adage ‘better out than in’. Half of any proceeds will be going to cancer charities.